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Welcome to the web site of K Benson Associates (KBA).

K Benson Associates, the provider of business advisory services to creative companies, offers a range of products and services aimed at assisting small businesses in the creative sector in London to develop their business plans and to obtain external funding. We also provide a business support service, which provides specialist advice, on an as required retainer basis, in a number of key business areas.

Both start-up and existing businesses need money for a number of things, e.g., to buy capital equipment, to market their products and/or services and to provide the necessary working capital to operate the business.

Many small businesses fail to successfully access necessary external finance because of the poor quality of their funding propositions rather than because finance is not available.

KBA is currently working with both Start-Up businesses and existing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) that are seeking or planning to seek finance and who can demonstrate a viable business opportunity. We can help these companies to explore all the options and to present successful cases for funding through grants, loans and/or equity investment.

The KBA FundAssist Scheme aimed at assisting clients in obtaining external finance is currently available to small creative businesses located in London.

In addition to the above one-to-one service, we offer the KBA FundAssist Toolbox, which provides step-by-step instructions empowering the small creative business with the knowledge and the necessary tools to make a successful proposition to a financing organisation for obtaining additional funding for the company. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, this toolbox will provide you with the necessary information to give you the best possible opportunity of raising money.

Whatever type of external finance you need, KBA can help you find a solution.

Over the past eleven years, KBA has assisted some 200 small creative businesses in their search for additional financing.

In addition to these programmes, KBA can offer specialist advice, on an "as required" retainer basis, in a number of key business areas, via KBA Retainer Services. We can provide the information, advice and support you need to start, maintain and grow your business.

For further details of our products and services, click:

ABOUT: Outlines the background of KBA and our experience in the creative sector.
SERVICES: Summarises the operation of the KBA FundAssist Scheme and the KBA Retainer Services.
PRODUCTS: Details the operation of the KBA FundAssist Toolbox, which enables clients to develop their own Business Plans and propositions for funding.
MORE INFO: Provides further details of the range of KBA Products and Services.
CLIENTS: Contains testimonials received from clients.
CONTACT: Gives details of how to contact KBA.
NEWS: Contains details of the FundAssist Workshops run by KBA for creative businesses.